Calling All Angels...

The world is having a drag-fever!

On television, on the radio, in social media, within party city and in the real world, these artists of transformation (called Drag Queens and Drag Kings) inspire both, the gay and the straight scene. But there are only a few real stars in the drag realm, who have what it takes to represent this art form with class, style, uniqueness, nerve and talent. One of these immaculate and indisputable Drag Queens is:

Jazzmin Dian Moore

Since her victory at the Miss Drag Queen Switzerland pagent in April 2008 in Z├╝rich, she first conquered the pavement of Zwingli-City, partly as a host, partly as a presenter and dance act or even as a charity lady. Jazzmin Dian Moore repeatedly shows off her talent to present herself in public with natural continence and in elegant and striking outfits - no matter how high the heels are.

Always true to her motto,

pleasantly different striking than any other.

Jazzmin Dian Moore
is approachable, loyal, graceful, elegant, open minded, strong, goal oriented, funny ...and above all, warm hearted!

The various steps and stages of her career so far are impressive and the list of goals for the future is growing steadily.

- My life goal is to stand up and fight for more acceptance, tolerance and equality for the LGBTI-Community.


Do you want to be an angel and be part of her army ?

Don't look away! Always be aware!
Know your status!