Timetraveling in pictures...
Don't i look innocent ;-)
Early stages of drag??? :-)
I think i always liked make up :-)
Strike a pose :-)
I always knew i look good wearing a crown :-)
One of my first drag outfits
The real Destiny's Child ;-)
First steps in Zürich
At the Miss Drag Queen Pagent 2006
Kill Bill or Vodka Girl??? :-)
One of my happiest moments in life.
One night at Couchgeflüster
Marie who??? :-)
Presenting my boys to the crowd
Raining red roses
Host at the Artist Chariry Night
Red Carpet
SInging live on stage
The -New and Real- Me

Who is Mrs Jazzmin Dian Moore?

Jazzmin is warm hearted, loyal, gracefull, elegant, open minded, strong, determend, witty and knows how to serve face-n-body. But this has not always been the case...after a long journey of fighting for acceptence, fighting homophobia and rascism, he finally is able to stand up with pride knowing who he is, what he has accomplished and what he wants to give back to the people.

Love - Acceptence and Hope

Jazzmin‘s roots is a mixture out of the heart of Mississippi and the deeply rooted and magical Palatinate Forest. Born and raised as a military single child, moving from town to town throughout varios countries. -
I still can remember my early childhhod days, always fighting for acceptence within my own family, various schools and different countries.

His first expierence in drag actually was in the younge age of 11, when his grandmother dressed him up as a cowgirl for carneval. -
I still remember the look on my mothers face, when she saw me, while she said: Ohhh, you look like a girl!

After many flamboyant and lonley years in school, always fighting against racism and homophobia, Jazzmin came out to his parents and family on mothers day.-
The best reaction came from my grandmother and i exactly recall her saying:
Junior, everything is ok, let your mother cry around for now and if anybody has a problem with the way you are, then just tell me and i will slap them conscious.

After feeling empowered by his family he joined the Planet Sexy Fancy Dancers when he was 17.

This was the first big step in becoming one of the greatest Drag Queens.

But little did he know!
Beeing ths youngest and most inexpirienced angrodynous drag in the group and recieving tough love from his drag mother he again found himself dealing with the same childhood issues. -

At first i was so happy belonging to a group of incredible people, but i soon realized that acceptence wasn‘t just given. It had to be fought for.

To be accepted i had to define myself and somehow i didn‘t feel complete as a androgenious drag queen, i wanted to be accepted as someone else, someone real.

So this was the first and biggest period towards becoming Jazzmin Dian Moore. The make up became more defined and the lookes more glamouros. -
Many looks where tried out, many critics where given and many silent tears where shed, but instead of being discouraged, my passion of becoming better became even stronger.

Jazzmin‘s first pause in the art of drag was when he was about 23 years old. Beeing in a long term relationship in which his, at that time, boyfriend was very unsupportive about his art. -
After 4 1/2 years of a very intense relationship, i broke up with the guy and i found my streangth and passion back, but i also had found myself again.

Feeling empowered and free and after succesfully graduating his masters degree in hairsdressing he spontaniously decided to move to Zürich. -
I still can feel the heartwarming sun on that mid january winters day and my gut fealing telling me, this is it. This is the place for you to start a new life. A new life as an hairdresser, a new life as a single man.

His main focus during the first year was targeted on his new job for Valentino, building a client base and building back his selfconfidence and dealing with constant thoughts of not knowing if he‘s good enough for others nor for him self.

Not the easiest thing. -
I again started at point-0, not knowing anybody and not knowing the habbits of Switzerland. I soon felt defeated and unaccepted again. But i knew that i'm not just going to give up without trying every option. 

That said, Jazzmin went out in drag to a straight night club for the very first time and all by her self.-
I was so nervous, but it felt right.

Jazzmin enjoyed herself. He started to go out very freguently, always on the hunt for acceptence either through achieving many social contacts or recieving accemptence buy clouding his mind through illegal substances. -

Yes i did drugs. I always told myself that i want to almost try out anything in life, just to have the knowledge of everything.
And i have to admit, it did get out of hand sometimes.

 2006 Lee first applied for the Miss Drag Queen pagent and the name Jazzmin Dian Moore was founded. Due to the lack of professionalism and false self perspective - he failed. -

To be honest, i really felt ashamed of myself, so i began to study other regional queens and asked myself -Why are they more successful than i am...

I watched the pagent in 2007 and after making the accuiantence with one of my closest and most honest friends, i finally knew what kind of personality i wanted to be.

Jazzmin was able to win over many hearts of people during hostings, performances and she finally won the Miss Drag Queen Switzerland pagent in 2008. -
I was overwealmed by the acceptence of the crowd and it felt like i finally made it. I still recall the organizer of the pagent telling me how proud he was of my achievments and that im ready to shine bright like a diamond.

But every diamond needs a good polish once in a while.

After successful years of being one of the most popular drag queens, accepted in the gay community and also very much accepted in the straight world, jazzmin had the biggest stumble in his life.-
Everything came tumbeling down. I had no one else, besides my best friend, to open up to and i fell into a very deep depression. Always keeping up a pefect image towards his surroundings. But that mask started to crack.

Dealing with depressions, dealing with many suicides of close transgendered friends, feeling powerless, defeated and constantly fighting own thoughts of commiting suicide, jazzmin started to pull himself out of the spotlight even more and more. -
I felt lost again.

Being in a new relationship he sought security, support, understanding and above all, love. But during the initial turbulent acquaintance phase his confidence has been completly been destroyed, he realized that his only way in surviving this relationship, was to maintain a facade.-
I don't wish for anyone to experience something like that, yet I am convinced that we learn from every encounter and experience. Just what was it that I had to learn? I sought help from a hypnosis coach who understood exactly to listen to me.

I was able to open up.

Finally there seemed to be a light at the end of the tunnel again. At first there only was a tiny flickering and discrete light, but after a while her fire was lit up again.-
There were many ups and downs in my life, marked with positive and negative encounters and experiences, but I know that  if I had not experienced all this, I would not as the person standing there today, which I am.