Collaborations or Sponsorings

  • Are you a talented producer and would like to produce for this Jazzmin?

  • Are you a talented videographer, photographer, designer or graphic designer who wants to mash your art with Jazzmin and be seen or heard?

  • Are you starting an imporatant campain and would love to include Jazzmin?

  • Are you fighting for a cause and need re-inforcement by Jazzmin?

  • Do you own a PR Angency and would like to help promote this Jazzmin?

  • Are you spectacluar at something and would like to be included in Jazzmin's live or video performances?

Of course there are many ways on how you can promote yourself or your brand by sponsoring Jazzmin as a company.

If you are a producer please take notice that Jazzmin writes her own lyrics. But she would love to hear and consider your latest production.

Jazzmin loves to work with talents or innovative companies and would like to reach out a hand and shape or cooperate on your plans for the future. Whatever helps promote origianl art and music, she’s up for it.

Jazzmin is feisty and loves fighting for a good cause.

Kids are always a priority for her, ideas on projects with or for children are very welcome.

Every artist needs help, so if you plan to start a street team for Jazmin or have a great idea on how to promote this Jazzmin – we wanna get to know you.

Please submit your offer or idea to:


and you can be assured that every e-mail will be personally read and evaluated directly with Jazzmin.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Be creative